Thursday, November 6, 2014

Interview with Natsuya Uesugi, author of grydscaen


Title: grydscaen
Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy
Author: Natsuya Uesugi
Publisher: Xlibris
EBook: 288 pages
Release Date: July 21, 2011

 Follow the lives of the main characters as they come together in the backstory to grydscaen:retribution, the first volume of the grydscaen saga. Faid is tired of life on the run in the Echelons, trying to keep his psychic power in check, he founds the Packrats establishing a safe haven for psychics. As a hacker he uses his jack to support his neurocyne habit. Lino is recruited by the Psi Faction and is sent on a mission to kidnap Faid. Riuho, Lino’s half brother becomes a prisoner of the Elite military and they experiment on him, train him and subject him to mind control, then send him out on a mission. On his return, Riuho is set on escaping and recruits Faid who hacks into the Psi Faction systems. They escape and return to the Packrats leading up to the start of grydscaen:retribution.


Who or what is the inspiration behind the book?

Technology is the inspiration for the grydscaen series. When I was growing up my parents were computer programmers and they used to talk code, mainframes and systems at the dinner table. My love of technology and science comes from that. The grydscaen series is about hackers against the government and I am a systems analyst working in IT. I think all that code talk really had an influence on me.

Is this your first published book and if so, can you tell us your experiences in finding a publisher for it?

The novel grydscaen: beginnings was the second book in the grydscaen series that was published. To date there are 4 books published beginnings, retribution, war and utopia. There will be a fifth book called grydscaen: alliance published this year. All my books have the same publisher and I looked into various before I picked the publisher I ended up going with. There wasn’t much decision, the one I selected had a good reputation and had published some famous authors so I went with them. It has been a positive experience.

Where do you live and if I were coming to town, where would we go to talk books?

Not going to tell you where I live right now, that is a secret. But I will tell you it is in a city. I would take you to an indie book store where they have book readings. I can tell you that the author Ann Rice did a book signing there. Maybe that will narrow it down. I do like vampires but not the sparkling kind, those I can do without. I could take you to a goth club and we could talk about vampire books while we sip some absinthe and listen to gothic industrial music, maybe you might like that. Someone might try to suck your blood though so you will have to be careful.

When you’re not writing, what do you do to relax and have fun?

I like to watch anime and I meditate. When I am not doing that I like to go skydiving but that is not really a relaxing past time.

Do you make a living off your books or do you have another job?

I am a systems analyst and work in Information Technology as a geek coding systems and working with technology. I like to write in my free time and I spend ample time writing grydscaen novels, short stories and grydscaen comic books which I also illustrate myself.

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